making chicken cutlets wine and mushroom i want to make the cutlets on sunday

making chicken cutlets wine and mushroom i want to make the cutlets on sunday should i freeze cutlets and then defrost saturday night or leave cutlets in fridge and make saturday night?

  • Posted by: FayeS
  • March 21, 2013


ATG117 March 22, 2013
I would make the dish and then freeze it. Since you don't need to worry about the crispness of the cutlets in this instance, that might be best. But if you do not want to make the dish, it would help to know when you bought the cutlets. If you bought them on Thursday, they should be okay in the refrigerator until Saturday. Just make sure you keep them wrapped well in the refrigerator. Juices from chicken can leak, which could lead to salmonella worries.
sdebrango March 21, 2013
I assume from the way your question is worded that you are asking if the raw cutlets can just be refrigerated until Sunday when you plan on making them. Are they from a supermarket? Is there an expiration date? Most likely if they are not due to expire tomorrow you could leave them in the coldest part of your refrigerator until you make them. That said, when it comes to food safety I always like to err on the side of caution. I certainly wouldn't hurt to freeze them and let them thaw in the refrigerator moving them tomorrow night from freezer to fridge. I have bought chicken before and kept it in my refrigerator for a day or two and it was fine but I would not go past the expiration date just to be cautious.
cookbookchick March 21, 2013
FayeS, are you asking whether the cutlets will still be good until Sunday if kept in the fridge rather than the freezer?
Sam1148 March 21, 2013
Those would probably be best made the day you assemble the dish.
You could and should defrost the raw product the night before. They cook so quickly it shouldn't be a problem. I'd suggest dusting them with "Wondra" flour before cooking them at the last moment. And then saucing them. The mushrooms could be cooked ahead of time tho. And then turn into the sauce at the last moment.
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