Has anyone experimented with preserved citrus other than lemons?

I make preserved lemons all the time and love them, so I'm kind of curious to try it with blood oranges, cara cara oranges, or even grapefruit.



IlovePhilly March 25, 2013
Yes, you can do pretty much anything, but the thinner the peel, the better and quicker it works.

I posted my process for grapefruits, oranges and limes on my site. Here's the link: http://phickle.com/?p=674
Limes work exactly as lemons do. Grapefruit and orange take a little tweaking (clementines work well).

Many people do kumquats, but I don't see the point, to be perfectly honest, since you already eat the peel. I guess the point in that case would be the old reason, actual preservation of overabundance.

I hope this helps!
susan G. March 25, 2013
I recently made Preserved Limes with fennel seed and turmeric, from a recipe in Dish magazine (New Zealand). They sit overnight with salt, then are packed with spices, bay leaves and crushed chilis in oil. They are supposed to be processed. I didn't take that step, just let them rest for a month, so I can't say the results are what they are supposed to be. The rind is still very hard, so I will try using them in cooked dishes. Very pretty and enticing!
cookbookchick March 25, 2013
I've preserved Meyer lemons -- assuming you mean preserving in salt, rather than making preserves (like marmalade). They're wonderful! But I have no experience with salt-preserving other, sweeter, citrus fruits.
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