tarte tatin

we are going out to dinner tomorrow nite, but coming back hoe for dessert and coffee. i want to make an apple tarte tatin and my question is should i unmold it before we go (6:30pm) or leave it in the cast iron pan until we return (9:pm) and then "try" to unmold then. which do you think is better for the tarte and us

  • Posted by: alienor
  • April 4, 2013


cookbookchick April 4, 2013
Also, I've found that food left to sit too long in even well-seasoned cast iron will sometimes discolor.
amysarah April 4, 2013
I agree with Amanda. Also if it completely cools in the pan, I'd worry about the caramel solidifying too much, making it hard to unmold (i.e., you might have to re-warm it slightly to get it to release.)
Amanda H. April 4, 2013
Unmold it beforehand so you can relax and enjoy your dinner!
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