View count not displayed properly

I noticed that many of the new submissions for the contest have zero views, even after I clicked at them. For example, I commented on inpatskitchen's Porcini Popovers but it is still showing zero views. Is it only me, or others are experiencing the same?



Lindsay-Jean H. August 8, 2013
Hi dymnyno, four months ago the view count discrepancy was due to bug that was fixed. As I mentioned above, in order to take it easy on our servers, more recently the tech team adjusted the way view counts are updated - they take longer to update, but recipe view counts do go up over time. And as always, as a reminder for everyone, the best way to share feedback about the site or let us know about a technical issue is to send us an email - [email protected].
dymnyno August 7, 2013
I asked the editors about this months ago...I don't think they realize how closely we watch it.
dymnyno August 7, 2013
I just noticed that these complaints are 4 months old and we are still complaining !
ellenl August 7, 2013
This has been the case for years.
Lindsay-Jean H. August 7, 2013
To take it easy on our servers, the tech team adjusted the way view counts are updated - they take longer to update now, but rest assured, your recipe's view counts will go up over time! We understand this removes some of the instant satisfaction you gain after submitting a recipe though - we'll consider speeding it up, particularly for new recipes.
em-i-lis August 7, 2013
Thanks, Lindsay-Jean. It seems that view counts only really show on the contest screens these days so perhaps the servers could be sped up just on those?
QueenSashy August 7, 2013
A scientist in me could not help but notice that the viewcounts are multiples of 29. An interesting algorithm!
Lindsay-Jean H. August 8, 2013
Emily, I'll share that suggestion with the tech team, and nice catch QueenSashy!
em-i-lis August 7, 2013
Hi HalfPint, I'm sorry you're in the same boat yet I'm glad I'm not the only one. It's the pits!!! Eds- can you help? Many thanks!
em-i-lis August 7, 2013
are people having this problem at present? none of my recipes have registered view counts for at least the past 6 weeks despite comments and saves. help- it's demoralizing!! :)
HalfPint August 7, 2013
I've had this problem for weeks now. And yes,Emily, it's totally demoralizing ;)
Lindsay-Jean H. April 11, 2013
Apologies for the inconvenience LE BEC FIN. We had a temporary hiccup in the view count processing, but it's back up and running now.
LeBec F. April 11, 2013
this is still a problem on my computer,LJ.
Lindsay-Jean H. April 8, 2013
Thanks for letting us know QueenSashy, the tech team is looking into it.

Just a reminder that you can always directly contact us with technical issues (or questions or comments about the site) at [email protected].
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