LOVE the new 'vanity' counters telling you how many ppl viewed your recipe & pics. Thanks Food52!



Peter August 8, 2011
Fairmount_market, so in digging into it, indeed it looks like we missed out some recipe views for the 2nd half of July (or maybe just recipes created in the 2nd half of July. We're looking into it but it'll likely be a few weeks before we can confirm the exact problem and correct the problem.

In the meantime, know that the vast majority of counts are far more accurate, that future views will continue to aggregate, and that your Flank Steak actually has had ~130 views. :-)
TheWimpyVegetarian August 7, 2011
Love this feature too!!! I had the same questions EmilyC had (above). Does the number of view include the recipe author and is it total views or unique views? Keep the good stuff coming!!
Fairmount_market August 6, 2011
Hi Peter,
I'm still suspicious that there might be a bug with the counter. I'm certain I didn't mix up the views and saves, and also 8 people had commented on the recipe, so there should have been at least 8 views. I'll let you know if I notice anything else. Thanks for all your hard work making this a great site.
Peter August 5, 2011
Fairmount_market, we took a look at the code and are pretty sure everything is working properly. I thought maybe the "view" count only updated once a night, but it updates promptly, just like the "save" count does.

If you see this again do please let me know (and grab a screenshot if you can) but for now I'm going to assume you just read it backwards out of excitement over the new feature. ;-)
Fairmount_market August 4, 2011
Hi Peter,
yesterday when I looked at it, it had 1 view and 4 saves, which was puzzling.
Peter August 4, 2011
Fairmount_market, that recipe has 13 views and 5 saves. That seems fine to me (and a pretty great ratio!).

Do you recall it being different earlier?
EmilyC August 4, 2011
Just curious, re: the stat on how many people have viewed your recipe, does that count include views by the recipe's creator and multiple views by a single person? Or is it a count of unique people? Either way, it's a great addition, and I'm looking forward to the improvements you mentioned! You're all doing a great job with the site.
Fairmount_market August 4, 2011
this one:
Amanda H. August 4, 2011
Fairmount_market -- thanks for catching this. Can you let us know which recipe? There will probably be a bug or two over the next week so it's really helpful to find out where the problems lie. Thanks, in advance!
Fairmount_market August 3, 2011
Is the counter working right? I found it listed more people having saved a recipe than having viewed the recipe, which doesn't make sense.
pauljoseph August 3, 2011
Yes Thanks Food52!
boulangere August 3, 2011
Peter August 3, 2011
Panfusine, so glad you like it -- it's been a long time coming.

For those who haven't noticed what Panfusine is referring to, in the upper right corner of every recipe you'll see both a count of how many people have saved a recipe and how many people have viewed a recipe.

These are just two on a long list of improvements we have coming your way in the next few months. Stay tuned!
Amanda H. August 3, 2011
Glad you like that feature -- more stats coming your way soon.
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