I only have cream cheese and would like to make egg-free mayonnaise. Any recipes please?



inpatskitchen April 11, 2013
Do you have white beans? I made a "mayo" using white beans for Your Best Picnic Dish Contest and it came pretty close to the real thing. And i think you could sub a little sugar for the agave.
pickledpossum April 15, 2013
Very interesting. I will try this next time for sure :))
sdebrango April 11, 2013
Here is a recipe from David Lebovitz for eggless mayo, it uses milk and has herbs (chervil) there is also a recipe on food52 for this milk mayo. You could just wing it by processing the room temp cream cheese with some oil and seasoning, a touch of lemon juice or vinegar. Here is the Lebovitz recipe http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2010/03/chervil-mayonnaise-recipe-herb/
pickledpossum April 15, 2013
Thank u :)))
wietje April 11, 2013
Some time ago I watched Mark Bittman making aioli on tv, crushing garlic with mortar and pestle and dripping the olive oil drop by drop (literally) and kept on crushing until the olive oil emulsified. I have never tried it though. ;)
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