modify recipe lactose free sour cream pound cake

I made a sour cream pound cake using lactose-free butter (1/2 pound) and lactose-free sour cream (1 cup). Trusted recipe but not so good results. Today paid more attention and tried again. Noticed that lactose-free butter and sour cream are drier than regular products. Tried to modify with more butter and a little more egg. In oven now so don't know result yet. Has anyone any great advice on how to use these lactose free products and not ruin family favorite recipes? I'm not really looking for brand new, wonderful for today's cook, recipes. Everyone likes my traditional baking, I'm retired, and I just want to be able to do the favorites and make them so that my granddaughter can enjoy with everyone else. However, I don't want to mess up the old favorites. Help!

Tyson Harper


Catherine L. November 22, 2017
Hey Tyson!

I'm no expert at baking with specific lactose free products, but when I try to steer clear of lactose I'll generally just bake vegan. These desserts are all winners: Otherwise, I'd check out Alice's tips:
Nancy November 22, 2017
Your conditions - make old favorite recipe, use lactose free products (often with lots of unrecognizable ingredients) & taste the same - are very difficult to meet.
When cooking for new tastes (by choice or allergy necessity), i ofen find one must slightly cgNge tastes to get good results.
In this case, I would look for a recipe similar to idea of your cake.
An olive oil pound cake, perhaps. Or one that uses only one manufactured substitute ingredient, to minimize dryness and strange tastes.
Sorry, this may not help enough for immediate Thanksgiving.
If cake us still dry after your modifications, treat it to some (fruit or other) syrup poured over it and allowed to sink in.
Nancy November 22, 2017
Should read: slightly change
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