Tofu, not smelly or out of date but slimy. OK to eat?

It's good till may, smells like tofu, washed off fine, but came out of the package covered in slime. Edible?



ATG117 April 13, 2013
slimy means spoiled as far as my experiences go.
boulangere April 12, 2013
A word to the wise: the more the processed (as in tofu), the more the opportunity for bacterial contamination.
Elizabiete April 12, 2013
Thanks! The texture was weird too so I pitched it. I suspect the package wasn't properly sealed.
ChefOno April 12, 2013

Not sure if this applies or not: The date on tofu is only valid for an unopened package. Void as it is of any preservative qualities and ingredients, it has a very limited safe lifespan once the seal has been broken.

Note that bacteria and molds can penetrate deep into soft foods. On the other hand, if you're going to cook it to a safe temperature and it smells fine, I don't see how it could be any riskier than raw chicken.

susan G. April 12, 2013
Based on reading that goes back 30+ years, you can cut away the slimy part if there is firm tofu underneath. It happens occasionally, usually because the tofu was not under water and/or the water was not changed. However, if you opened a tub of commercial tofu from a sealed package and found a slimy surface, I would suspect that the seal on the package was bad -- in that case I would be concerned about contamination, and compost it.
drbabs April 12, 2013
I don't know, I go by the mantra if in doubt, throw it out. Slimy tofu just sounds so unappetizing.
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