Instant read thermometer recommendation

I am on the market for a good instant-read thermometer. The main use is for the meat, but I also do a little bit of baking and pastry. Would appreciate your recommendations...



Pegeen April 14, 2013
Chris and DianaB, so right about colors! Sales have limited colors but I got some in yellow post-holidays, which I thought was a great color - easy to find in the drawer or in the shrubbery near the grill.
petitbleu April 14, 2013
Agreed on the Thermapen front. We've had ours for 3 years, and we use it all the time--on meat, when cheesemaking, making candy, bread baking, etc. Highly recommended.
Diana B. April 13, 2013
Rats! I wish I'd known about Thermapen's open-box sales; on the other hand, I might not have been able to get the teal color I wanted... ;)
QueenSashy April 13, 2013
Thank you all for your responses. Thermapen it will be! Chris, I have red Le Creuset pots, red chandelier, red tea kettle and a red dress - the color is a total no-brainer :)
em-i-lis April 13, 2013
I have a red one too- it's happy! :)
Greenstuff April 13, 2013
After you decide you'll pay for the Thermapen, you have an even harder task--picking the color!
Pegeen April 13, 2013
Thermapen. But only if you cook various forms of "meat" a lot. Otherwise you might want to invest in cooking tools you'll use more often.

To soften the $ dent, Thermapen periodically has "open box" sales for 1/3 to 50% off. These are just pens someone didn't want and returned. They're factory re-calibrated, certificate still stands, and come in normal packaging with manuals, etc.

I have bought a lot of Thermapens as gifts so I'm on their mailing list. Otherwise, I'm not sure how you find out about the sales... probably just go to their web site and sign up for mailing lists, or just phone their Customer Service department and ask about their best deals.
mrslarkin April 13, 2013
I've got an OXO instant read meat thermometer
and also an AcuRite digital with the leave-in probe thingy

I like and use them both, for cooking and roasting. Haven't used them for barbecuing, though.

That thermapen looks real nice, though. Can it do everything that traditional instant read thermometers do?
pierino April 13, 2013
Yes, the Thermapen can. It just does those things faster, and that's its value. A traditional instant read might take 20 seconds to give you an accurate reading. You can't leave them stuck in the meat in the oven. It's meant to be a probe. If you believe the King Arthur Flour catalog it's one of their best selling items.
pierino April 12, 2013
I'm seriously down in the Thermapen camp. Yeah, it will cost you around $90 but you get a true reading in about 3 seconds. It's worth it.
ChefOno April 12, 2013

I wish I had a sister like Cynthia. If you can afford a Thermapen (or two because they can occasionally grow legs and walk off), that might be your answer. I carry a Taylor 9842. They're not as quick as a Thermapen (which can mean a lot sometimes) but less than $15 and fit in a sleeve pocket.

boulangere April 12, 2013
I gave my sister a Termapen for Christmas last year. I'm happy with a Taylor digital instant-read. +/- $25

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em-i-lis April 12, 2013
Hey QueenSashy! You must splurge for the Thermapen. It is fabulous, accurate, quick and awesome. I use it all the time!!!!!
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