Fresh Eggs

My friend gave me eggs from his chickens he raises in his backyard, what is the best way to enjoy eggs as fresh as these?



Maedl April 13, 2013
Another thought: a cheese souffle.
aargersi April 13, 2013
Poached and plopped on just about anything. Omelet, or soft scrambled, or baked into a custard or flan. The one thing I would not do is hard boiled as very fresh eggs can be difficult to peel
Maedl April 13, 2013
Keep it as simple as possible. It is hard tob eat bacon and eggs, but you could also poach an egg and set it on top of a plate of sauteed greens that you haveseasoned with bacon or on a salad made with hot bacon dressing.
wingirls April 13, 2013
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