Fresh Eggs

My friend gave me eggs from his chickens he raises in his backyard, what is the best way to enjoy eggs as fresh as these?



Raudi April 13, 2013
For breakfast: soft boiled with buttered toast, a cup of freshly brewed coffee, outside on the porch in the morning sun. Preferable on a Sunday with some friends;-)
lloreen April 13, 2013
Fresh eggs really shine in the simplest of preparations. Scrambled very slowly over low heat in butter with a tablespoon or two of cream - or an herb omelette. I remember the first time I tasted a fresh farm egg and marveled at the bright yellow yolk. Such a revelation after those tasteless watery factory eggs.
Save those fresh eggs for a luxurious breakfast.

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pierino April 12, 2013
Eggs, believe it or not, are just about the hardest thing for a cook to get right. It becomes sort of the measure you judge young cooks by. My own preference is for poached eggs but a softly fried egg with a runny yolk which might complement something else on the entire platform---anything from hash browns to bipimbap to frisee aux lardons---well, that's that.
FutureChef April 13, 2013
Agreed! Chef Wylie Dufresne (wd-50) is an egg-nut! His 'eggs benedict' is awesome but you'd need some special foodstuffs to replicate that dish.
Rumor has it that's his test when people are trying out at his restaurant.
SeaJambon April 12, 2013
Yes - a waste for baked goods (except, perhaps a custard). Think of things where the egg flavor is accentuated.
CHeeb April 12, 2013
Hollandaise,poached,soft boiled with toast soldiers ( I prefer five minutes in simmering water) egg salad...they will all be good with fresh
happycao April 12, 2013
Nice! Would I be wasting them by using them in baked goods?
Brette W. April 12, 2013
Fried eggs on toast!
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