Does anyone know what kind of trays/pans that most chefs use for prep?

They are smaller than baking pans, but I don't think they are sizzle platters, I see most of the Michelin starred chefs using them in their kitchens. They're smaller than baking sheets, but look similar.

James Durazzo


savorthis April 14, 2013
We got a pile of them cheap at an auction and use them all the time for party and catering prep and the deeper ones are great for baking ribs etc.
minibakersupreme April 14, 2013
I agree, you're definitely talking about quarter-sheet pans. I've never worked in a restaurant that uses them, but I've been to barbecue restaurants that use them instead of plates.
Sam1148 April 13, 2013
"hotel pans" "half sheets" or "Quarter Sheets"
Go to a resturant supply store all those things are super cheep-Half sheet pans are 7bucks or less around here; some resturant supply stores are open to the public and you'll find some great deals--along with some very pricy item too.
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