Expanding sheet pan dinner recipe?

I have a recipe for a chicken sheet pan dinner for four and want to expand it to 6. Cooking time is 30min@425—should
I up that to 45min? And I don’t know if my sheet pan is big enough—can I use two rectangular baking dishes? Thanks!



Nancy November 24, 2019
Adambravo - a few suggestions
1) since you're going to the trouble anyway, maybe don't fuss with 1 1/2x the recipe - just go straight to doubling it. This way you'll have extras if your dinner guests are very hungry or leftover chicken ready for a lunch or dinner a couple days later (with no extra work on your part).
2) Yes, use extra sheet pan(s). If sheet pan dinner ingredients are crammed too closely, you will get unintentionally steamed or braised chicken. Leave a little air for them to roast.
3) Use the recipe timing as a guideline, but not guarantee that your meat is done - both for taste and safety. Rather, cook to appropriate internal temperature, about 165F for chicken.
Nancy November 24, 2019
Or, yes, extra open rectangular pans.
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