What's your favorite sheet pan?

I'm looking to buy some new sheet pans (also called "jellyroll pans"), and I'm wondering if anyone has ones that they love. I'll mostly be using them for roasting vegetables and baking cookies. I'm willing to pay a premium for something that performs well and will last.

Michael Hoffman


petitbleu January 8, 2014
Chicago Metallic sheet pans are good, but I have all kinds and really, you just want one thick enough so it doesn't warp easily. There's almost nothing as frustrating as a warped sheet pan.
bigpan January 8, 2014
I like the ones that fit in my oven.
creamtea January 7, 2014
I have two "Lincoln WEAR-EVER no. 5303" heavy sheet pans. They are nice and solid. Not sure if they are as heavy as professional but they may be. I really like them. Got them at Zabar's some years ago.
creamtea January 7, 2014
Forgot to add, I do use them for chocolate roulades by increasing the recipe.
cookbookchick January 7, 2014
I have a bunch of various makes, materials and vintages. My favorites are a cafeteria kitchen commercial half-sheet that bears the patina of use and age, and a much newer Goldtouch half-sheet from Williams-Sonoma. Look for the periodic 20% off sale on the WS pans.
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I have several, my favorite, hands down is my stone baking sheet from Pampered Chef. It roasts vegetables to perfection with little to NO oil as the stone absorbs oil therefor, flavor. I used it for bar cookies as well. I also have a stone baking pan from Rada that I roast larger amounts of veggies, cassoulets, biscuits etc. Simple to clean, no soap just scrape off bits. If you decide you want one do a girl a solid and purchase off my Amazon account through my blog ;} http://astore.amazon.com/simphealfam05-20/detail/B0037FT27W

Happy baking!
dymnyno January 6, 2014
I usually get whatever is heavy duty at the restaurant supply store or the CIA. I somehow ended up with one that Thomas Keller left behind that is Vollrath Wearever, 18 gauge. (even has an etching of a clothespin on the back)
davidpdx January 6, 2014
I have had good service from NordicWare half-sheet and quarter-sheet pans. Plain, bright aluminum; sturdy; made in the US; available online at a reasonable price.
ChefJune January 6, 2014
I use commercial half-sheet pans. They're really too big for most jelly roll recipes, but they're far sturdier than the ones sold in most retail stores.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 7, 2014
I don't think Michael is necessarily looking for a sheet pan to cook a "jelly roll", June. It's often called a "jell roll pan" I've slowly converted to All-Clad's baking sheets and bake ware.

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HalfPint January 6, 2014
I got my sheet pans (1/2 sheet) from 2 a local restaurant supply store and 2 from William Sonoma. Sorry I don't remember the brands, but they are restaurant grade. The ones from the restaurant supply store were $10/piece. The Williams Sonoma ones were ~$20. So far they've lasted me almost 10 years of roasting and baking. I think what you want to look for sturdy thick aluminum. I tend to stay away from the darker non-stick because they are usually too thin and the teflon coating just doesn't last long (2-3 years). The restaurant sheet pans rarely buckle in the heat of an oven and you can scrub the dickens out of it if needed. Just make sure the 1/2 sheet will fit into your own.
HalfPint January 6, 2014
ps. I've had my sheet pans for well over 10 years and they're still in great (used) condition. You shouldn't have to spend too much to get really good sheet pans that will last a long time.
HalfPint January 6, 2014
sorry that should be "oven", not "own".
Mo3b January 8, 2014
I have half sheet pans from WS. They are 12-15 years old. I roast chickens, veggies and bake cookies in them. They have held up so well. Worth the money.
ChefJune January 6, 2014
I use commercial half-sheet pans. They're really too big for most jelly roll recipes, but they're far sturdier than the ones sold in most retail stores.
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