freezing chicken stew

I'm planning on making The Barefoot Contessa's Chicken Stew with Biscuits and I'd like to freeze a batch. Any ideas on if this recipe would suffer from freezing and baking in about a month? If I do freeze a batch, should I place the unbaked biscuits on top? Any advice is appreciated!
Here's the link to the recipe I'm talking about:



Raudi April 14, 2013
In my experience it is best to freeze the stew before adding the heavy cream. Just take whatever amount of stew you want to freeze and add the cream to only the part that you want to use that day. Once you are ready to use the stew from the freezer, heat it up and add fresh heavy cream to it.
Also, I'd freeze the unbaked biscuits and bake them when needed.
sdebrango April 14, 2013
Thank you Raudi, yes I forgot to mention that it's a very good idea to freeze before adding the cream.
sdebrango April 14, 2013
I would freeze the stew and biscuits separately, see her advice for refrigerating and follow the same advice when freezing. Thaw and heat the stew, then place the biscuits on top and bake until they are browned.

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