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I have an unopened can of anchovies. The top & bottom surfaces of the can look "bowed out" and a little dented, and pop a little when I press on it, as if air had got in. I first noticed a little oil on my fingers after taking the can off the shelf. Other canned fish in my pantry don't have these qualities--no dents, no bowing, no popping. Should I toss? Label is Cento brand, "semi-preserved", packed in olive oil and salt.



ChefOno April 16, 2013

The term "semi-preserved" caught my eye and interest. Notice the temperature requirement (< 50F).

These are fish products with > 6% water phase salt (WPS) or a pH < 5.0. Preservatives (sorbate, benzoate, nitrate) may or may not be added. These products require chill storage (< 10°C). Normally, there is no heat-treatment applied neither during processing nor in the preparation before consumption. Traditional production often includes a long ripening period (several months) of the raw material before final processing. Product examples are salted and marinated fish, fermented fish and caviar products. This type of product has been the cause of illness related to the presence of bacterial toxins (botulism), parasites, biotoxins and histamine.

ChefOno April 16, 2013

What you are describing could very possibly be contamination by C. botulinum. Wash / sanitize / disinfect anything the oil has come into contact with!

creamtea April 16, 2013
thanks, ChefOno. Will do. It didn't come in contact with much, very thin "film" and tin was in cabinet all this time. Still I'm cleaning.
creamtea April 16, 2013
Merrill S. April 16, 2013
Definitely toss it!

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rt21 April 16, 2013
Safety first I would toss it
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