Maine Lake Trout - togue

My Maine man caught a 3-4 lb togue this afternoon. Togue is also known as lake trout. It is coming tomorrow. I am flexible but thinking I would like to flavor and grill it. I grew up in Maine, and like the fish, moved to Boston. I have had great smoked togue but I am not quite up to that. Your suggestions don't have to be suggestive but I live in Dorchester and could use a laugh.



ChefJune April 22, 2013
next time add a couple of scallions quartered lengthwise to the lemons instead of regular onions, and maybe some slivered garlic. it wakes the fish up a bit.
mainesoul April 22, 2013
Thank you Pegeen. I just saw this now and so it is too late for this toque. I love the idea of the bluefish pate and will keep that in mind for another time. I bet make a great stuffing for fish. I just filled it with sliced meyer lemon, onions and butter with a little black and red pepper. It was good and moist but not creative. It did filet beautifully.
Pegeen April 19, 2013
Hey Dorchester. So glad Boston can begin to return to normal. I love fresh fish and no matter what I try, I always wish I'd done less rather than more. Grill with a light brush of olive oil, salt and pepper. 3-4 minutes starting skin-side down until dark and getting pretty crispy. Then flip very gently and another 2-3 minutes to finish. Drizzle with lemon butter and some chopped parsley. For almondine, toast some almonds in a fry pan, scatter them over the fish, then drizzle with the lemon butter. Serve immediately. Actually, faster than immediately.

Since your trout is a decent size, it’s nice to butterfly it so you don’t have to deal with bones while eating. (And it makes more surface for butter/lemon!) It sounds like you know your way around a fish but I’m sure you could find good instructions on butterflying via a Google search. Not hard but a sharpened knife helps.

One of my aunts made trout stuffed with bluefish pate, grilled or pan-fried. I know it sounds weird but the fatty bluefish made for great flavor and moisture. I know she was just being her New England self and cleaning out the fridge, and could not bring herself to throw out the leftover paté – she made and sold that so always had tons of it. Now I’ll have to go find her bluefish recipe.

Take care and glad things are quieter now. I was in NYC on some bad days and know it’s hard. Cooking is comfort. Enjoy your togue!
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