Chives substitute??

Doing a smoked trout salad with creme fraiche on crostini. Alas all the chives are sold out! Can I use the green parts of scallions? Other suggestions?



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It is spring and at least in the Washington Dc area we have millions of wild onion sprouts all over. they have a chive like flavor and are completely edible. just don't forrage for them where people walk their dogs....eww
they look just like chives.
ChefJune April 25, 2011
Shallots would work, but wouldn't give you the pretty green I'm guessing you'd prefer. Be sure to chop those scallion tops really fine, and go easy on them. If you have any fennel in your crisper, the fornds make a green and light tasting garnish. I use them a lot with fish.
amysarah April 25, 2011
Ditto about growing chives. I've had a pot for years that just keeps coming back - we joke that it's a science fiction plant, because even I can't kill it (I have the opposite of a green thumb - he thumb of death?) It's a blessing, because I love chives and even a small bunch is ridiculously expensive at the market.
Kayb April 24, 2011
Absolutely. And mine came back this spring, from last year!
prettyPeas April 24, 2011
I just want to put in a plug for growing chives--they've always been petty productive for me in New York, Iowa, and Northern California, and given that you usually use a couple snips at a time it works out well as a pot herb.
Kayb April 24, 2011
Grated shallot works too, but be sparing with it!
amysarah April 24, 2011
Oops - stronger flavor. If that wasn't obvious - too fast on the 'submit answer' finger ;)
amysarah April 24, 2011
Minced scallion is fine - but use more sparingly than chives as it has a stronger and could overpower the delicate taste of the trout.
Cfrancke April 24, 2011
Thank you!! Sorry for double question- tried you on twitter too! First time pickler :)
Amanda H. April 24, 2011
Absolutely -- that would work very well. If you have a shallot, a minced shallot would also work.
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