What to do with one leftover center cut bone-in pork chop?

I have one leftover uncooked pork chop. Any creative ideas, preferably that can be done in a slow cooker?



bigpan April 28, 2013
Cook it as you wish. Reserve it. Chop the meat into very small pieces, mix in some apple sauce (or any sauce), and serve on toast points as an appetizer. Garnish with a celery leaf.
chrissyleer April 28, 2013
Throw it in a slow cooker with some BBQ sauce, maybe a little apple cider vinegar, and in a few hours, you'll have pulled pork for one!
ChefOno April 28, 2013

Not a slow-cooker technique but it would only take 30 min. to turn that chop into schnitzel for two. Or add some hominy and make a small batch of posole, fresh buttered yellow corn tortillas on the side.

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