Slow cooker pork shoulder

I'm making Cuban pork shoulder in a slow cooker tomorrow (my oven broke so in forced to use it. Also the reason I haven't posted results about my pizza dough problems). Anyone have any clue how long I should be cooking it? Its a small one. Probably 4 pounds but I never use my slow cooker so I have no idea how long (and on high or low?). Thanks!



drshakyhands May 18, 2015
I see that you already made your roast, but I thought I would add my typical technique for next time.

I lay a few strips of bacon in the bottom of the slow cooker and poke a few holes in the shoulder and put whole garlic cloves in them (about 4-5). Then I salt the shoulder all over and put it on low for 11-13 hours. Longer is better with pork shoulder. I also always use a shoulder with a nice fat cap. No need to rest the meat afterward - just remove carefully from the liquid and shred in a big bowl. Don't shred it in the slow cooker or the meat will get so salty it will be inedible.

I learned the technique from Michelle Tam of NomNomPaleo. Perfect, every single time.
Susan W. May 17, 2015
I would count on 6-7 hours on low. I really prefer to cook meat on low. Sometimes, I speed things up by turning it to high for an hour or two and then down to low. It's astounding how much slow cookers differ, so this timing is for the one I have now which seems to cook at a lower heat than my previous one.
CanadaDan May 17, 2015
Thanks Susan. Did 5.5 hours plus an hour resting and it was perfect.
Susan W. May 18, 2015
Glad it worked out Daniel. I love using my slow cookers..I have 3. #OverKill. :) I use them a lot.
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