In search of a basic icecream and gelato recipe

Oh WOW is it ever hot today. Good thing I have this icecream maker in my freezer. I don't actually have any recipes for it though... what's a girl to do?

I'm looking for a basic icecream and a basic gelato recipe that I can work from and try different flavours. I don't have any cream in the house, but I do have some regular goats milk which is fairly heavy. I've got vanilla, vanilla extract, rhubarb, and a few other essentials. The maker only does single servings so if you have a small recipe, that would be great.

oh one more thing, if the recipe had maple syrup instead of sugar, that would be exceptionally awesome.

Please help. Suddenly, the hot weather descended on us and I'm totally overheating.



pierino May 7, 2013
Well, this is my own recipe and in Rome we are not afraid of goats.
trampledbygeese May 6, 2013
The goat milk one looks perfect. Any thoughts on what to do with the leftover egg whites?
sdebrango May 6, 2013
I freeze them and make angel food cake when I have accumulated enough of them. Would love to hear about your goats milk ice cream. I have bought it and thought it is great.
sdebrango May 6, 2013
This is fantastic, Jeni's ice cream base. You would have to sub for the cream and you can use maple syrup instead of some or all of the sugar (to taste) but it's a good basic ice cream recipe without eggs. You can just cut the recipe in half if your ice cream maker is small.
sdebrango May 6, 2013
I found this also using goats milk, She uses egg yolks and honey which you can sub maple syrup. I have never tried this recipe but it sounds good.
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