how would you use pickled ramps?

i got some ramps at the market this morning. i made ramp butter using the leaves...and thought i'd pickle the rest. what are your fave ways to use pickled ramps? i read something about using them as a cocktail garnish?



charmcitycook May 15, 2013
thanks, all. i have some great ideas now. has anyone used them in cocktails?
PeteF May 15, 2013
I would totally put them in some tacos with carnitas and a chipotle salsa.
avimom May 13, 2013
I once had pickled ramp dressing. It was so good...I think they just used the vinegar from the ramps in a vinaigrette and garnished with the ramps.
ChefJune May 13, 2013
They're great on a crudite platter, too. Adds a nice dimension to egg salad, as well.
Hilarybee May 12, 2013
I think they'd be great as a pickle on a cuban or some other porky sandwich. Maybe even a panini?
Midge May 12, 2013
I'm about to make my second batch of the season. I love them with cheese, on hamburgers, and sandwiches. Really, they're so good you won't have trouble thinking of ways to use them.
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