If I'm broiling steak kebabs instead of grilling them, should I set the broiler to high or low?

Although I don't have a grill handy, I want to make steak kebabs for dinner. I'm thinking that I can cook them in the broiler -- but I don't know if I should set the broiler to high or low. Thoughts would be very welcome, thanks!



Sam1148 May 14, 2013
One thing people forget when broiling thing is oven door.
For electric broilers, broil with the oven door open a bit--and keep a close eye on it.
If you broil with the door closed the element goes off and on..and it's not true broiling.
aargersi May 13, 2013
I would set to high so that the outside sears quickly without over cooking the inside - same principal as grilling!
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