opinions on marinate a steak in soya sauce for a week before grilling it

I'm a cook at a local golf club New owner of the club wants the cooks to marinate 6,8,10 oz steaks in straight soya sauce for a week before grilling the steak would this not make the steak to salty and would the soya not taste burnt when the steak is grilled



Gammy March 21, 2021
Oh lordy!!!!! Please let me NEVER eat at your club. I absolutely HATE marinated steaks. I have friends that feel a steak needs to be marinated and the brand Dale's seems to be a popular one. You will never get that big, slightly smoky, beefy taste by marinating.... only the chemical taste of the seasoning. Personally, I salt steaks and refrigerate for several hours uncovered, then grill... perfection. Marinated steaks to me taste like olde-time Ponderosa steaks where the kitchen is trying to cover up something.
Happygoin March 21, 2021
Lol...I completely agree, Gammy. A good steak does NOT need marinading.
Nancy March 20, 2021
In addition to Happygoin comments, I think there may be a safety issue in marinating steak beyond 5 days.
702551 March 20, 2021
I would take Happygoin's suggestion a step farther.

Marinade three steaks for different lengths of time:
1.) One week
2.) One day (24 hours)
3.) One hour

Cook them all and have the owner do a blind taste test to choose which one he prefers. He/she signs your paycheck not us so our personal taste preferences are essentially irrelevant in this situation.

If the club members don't like it, they will avoid this dish and order something else. (Or insist on unmarinated steaks.) Ultimately it's the people sitting at the dinner table who need to be impressed. After all they're the ones who are paying for it.

Best of luck.
Happygoin March 20, 2021
I would think it would do a couple of things. First, I’m guessing it would make the steaks too salty to be palatable. Also, I’m thinking it might make them mushy as well after a week in liquid.

But if it’s the owner’s steak, do it and show him the error of his ways.
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