Best way to cook two grass fed ny strip steaks? Have them at room temp but live in condo so can't have a grill, so stovetop or oven?



ChefJune May 16, 2013
Both. I sear them on top the stove (doesn't have to be cast iron, just a pan that withstands high heat) and finish in the oven. Open your windows and if you have any exhaust fans, turn them on to avoid setting off your smoke detector. (voice of experience...)
miketizzle May 15, 2013
Thanks guys they came out great!
Sam1148 May 15, 2013
Salt them at least 45 mins before cooking-the seasoned juices will go back into the meat after 45 mins.
Also, you might want to wrap a plastic bag around the smoke detector with a rubber band when you sear them. Just don't leave the kitchen and don't forget to remove the bag.
ChezHenry May 15, 2013
Both! Sear them in a red-hot cast iron skillet, after generously seasoning with lots of salt and pepper and rubbing them with olive oil. Once seared, drain off any excess oil, and finish in a 375 degree oven. I would toss a couple of sprigs of rosemary and thyme on top. Take them to 125 degrees on an instant thermometer, then let rest for 5-10 minutes prior to serving.
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