bresaola got too hard, can it be salvaged?

I made bresaola a few months back. It's delicious. Most of it got eaten quickly, but today I found a piece that was still hanging in the curing chamber. It's hard enough to pulverize rocks!

Is there any way to salvage bresaola that got too dried out? I don't have anything strong enough to cut it as is. Could I somehow use it as stewing meat by rehydrating it somehow? Thoughts? It's way too delicious to toss out.

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1 Comment

petitbleu May 17, 2013
You could definitely use it to flavor something--a pot of beans comes to mind. Some low and slow, moist-heat cooking method will probably soften it enough to make it usable, but this will also leach out some of the flavor. Great for a pot of beans or soup.
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