Is ham healthy?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


PazzoNico May 20, 2013
Healthy in what sense?
Low calorie? (No). Fat free? (nope). Low sodium? (no). But can it part of a healthy, balanced diet? Yes, definitely; as with almost anything else. Then of course it depends how it's cooked and what sauce (if any) it's served with. Most foods people consider "unhealthy" usually aren't really that "unhealthy" until other ingredients are added to it (fats, sauces, etc.).

That said, because pork (in any form) is delicious and makes most people happy when they eat it (including myself), it is definitely healthy. Because happiness is the key to a healthy life after all.....(this is my way of justifying my love of pork products. And it works.).
CHeeb May 19, 2013
Even the low sodium hams are delicious.Look for Cook's and Smithfield and you can't go wrong baking them 20 minutes peer pound @ 325 degrees.
pierino May 19, 2013
Speaking as a total porkaholic I would be compelled to answer yes. Especially if it's good traditional style ham without a lot of water added to it.
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