A question about a recipe: Spring Onion and Lemon Focaccia

I have a question about the recipe "Spring Onion and Lemon Focaccia" from Judy's Culinaria. what do you mean by "00 Flour" ?? Extra Fine? Sifted? Pastry?

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  • Posted by: sheilh
  • May 26, 2013
Spring Onion and Lemon Focaccia
Recipe question for: Spring Onion and Lemon Focaccia


Diana B. May 26, 2013
Pierino, I think you mean 'defer,' because if you differ with Cynthia on anything that has to do with bread or gluten, she'll kick your ass (nicely, of course)... ;)
pierino May 26, 2013
Ha! Yes, that's exactly what I meant. I hate that you can't edit your responses and I don't want my ask kicked.
boulangere May 26, 2013
Great LOL moment! Not in much of a kicking mood today - it's just lovely outside and I'm saving my strength for a bike ride before thunderstorms move in. A lovely weekend to you all!
boulangere May 26, 2013
00 flour is more finely ground than our bread flour, with a protein (gluten) content of about 9%. I love what it does for pizza dough. Here is a post I wrote on flour and focaccia, which by the way, is one of my all-time favorite breads to make.

pierino May 26, 2013
I will differ to Boulangere on anything that has to do with bread or gluten.
Diana B. May 26, 2013
You may find this older post on the subject helpful: http://food52.com/hotline/18659-antimo-caputo-00-pizza-flour
ZombieCupcake May 26, 2013
Italian bread flours lower gluten content
pierino May 26, 2013
Actually, more often it's the other way round. For a foccacia you would want a stronger gluten structure, like 12% protein.
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