AP Flour and Pastry Flour

What is the best ap flour or pastry flour for pie crust? What are bakers / pastry chefs using these days??

Julieta L.


petitbleu February 18, 2014
I use Central Milling Company's all-purpose flour. They have a very high-quality product, and I've found it successfully on the East Coast and West Coast (they probably won't have it at your normal grocery store, but I have found it at food co-ops and even Costco). I use this flour for both baked goods and bread with great success.
Julieta L. February 19, 2014
Yes, I actually found this brand at my local butcher shop in Los Feliz @ McCall's Meat and Fish Company. The owner here told me that this is what the famous Tartine in San Fran uses "for their breads". I contacted the company (Central Milling Company) and they informed me that I can purchase their flour at Costco AND Whole Foods (Central Milling Company private labels for them under their "365" label). Thanks for sharing !
Barb K. February 18, 2014
I use an old standard.. Gold Medal... It has been around for years and years... Store brands work if you are on a budget... Not much difference. Cake flour is finer milled than AP.
Julieta L. February 18, 2014
I'm specifically looking for brand types. Every book or recipe I read tells you to use either AP or Pastry Flour But no one wants to share what brands they use.
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