Caramelizing apricots for apricot ice cream

I have some not-very-sweet apricots that I was going to use to make David Lebovitz's Fresh Apricot Ice Cream (The Perfect Scoop). He has you cook them on top of the stove in water and then add the sugar. I was wondering about cutting them, tossing them with sugar and then roasting them in the oven to give them a little more flavor. Does anyone have thoughts and/or advice on that?


Jocelyn Grayson


Diana B. May 28, 2013
This is for roasted peaches, but I imagine it would work just fine with apricots:
Couldn't B. May 27, 2013
I have made honey roasted apricots to turn into a sorbet and it was fantastic so I imagine that the same method would work well for ice cream too.
ATG117 May 26, 2013
I do think roasting the apricots and pureeing them with a simple syrup would work really well, if you still have any desire to use the DL recipe.
Jocelyn G. May 26, 2013
Oh! Thanks for that. I also found this one, so now I'm conflicted :).
EmilyC May 26, 2013
Hi jocelyng -- I posted a roasted peach ice cream last year that should work really well for apricots. The mint is completely optional. Hope this helps!
Jocelyn G. May 26, 2013
Hmm..that's a good point. Maybe I should see if I can find a recipe that uses roasted apricots. Would make my life easier!
sdebrango May 26, 2013
I adore any ice cream from David Lebovitz, I looked at the recipe for apricot ice cream and although caramelizing in the oven sounds delicious he calls for the apricots to be pureed along with the cooking liquid, if you caramelize in the oven you would not have that liquid which I think would be crucial to the recipe. I don't know if this would work but you could caramelize in the oven, make a simple syrup with the sugar and water and puree the apricots with the simple syrup. You would probably have to reduce the amount of sugar a little also. I do agree that oven roasting the apricots would intensify the flavor. You could even reduce apricot nectar and use instead of water
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