Cereal milk ice cream question

Tried twice to make the brittle for this recipe. I got nothing but crystallized sugar. Water to sugar ratio? I've carmalized sugar plenty of times and could not get anything out of this. (1 1/2 cup sugar to 1/4 cup water). Help!!!!



Yianna October 18, 2014
Hmm, that's very interesting - I'd try adding a little corn syrup like HalfPint suggested, or maybe checking that all the sugar is dissolved properly before the mixture comes to a boil. This usually stops crystallization for me when I make caramel.
HalfPint October 13, 2014
Sounds like the recipe might need a Tb of corn syrup or possibly honey. This keeps the sugar syrup from crystallizing. Alternatively, use a candy thermometer and heat the sugar/water mixture to 300F, which is the hard crack stage.
Atlanticgull October 13, 2014

Followed the above. First half is for the ice cream, second half is for the brittle.
Sarah October 13, 2014
How are you doing this? What are the instructions in the recipe?
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