I read that papaya seeds are edible. If true, does anyone know a way to use them to their full potential?



petitbleu May 28, 2013
I wonder how they would be blended into tomato juice along with garlic and other things for a homemade bloody mary mix.
fernetaboutit May 28, 2013
They do have a very strong peppery taste. I sprinkle them on salads!
sdebrango May 28, 2013
What an interesting question, I have never eaten the seeds but immediately looked it up here is a great article They say the taste of the seeds is very strong, peppery/mustardy but is tolerable. The article has some suggestions on how to use them,
lsgerman May 29, 2013
Thank You, Suzanne for the information and the link. It was an interesting article. I think I will try them as a pepper substitute, and also as a salad topping as fernetaboutit suggests below. I am more of a sweets person, so I imagine the taste would be too much for me. But I'll try one from the next papaya I buy.

Thank you all for your responses.
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