How do you use or chia seeds &such?

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1 Comment

susan G. December 14, 2011
First, use the 'search recipes' on the site, enter chia seed -- you'll see a variety of uses. You can just sprinkle them on food where there is color contrast, or for crunchy texture. They go well in muffins or pancakes. Just take a pinch and chew them (that's what the Indians of the Southwest did for long journeys).

Something I've done: Make bread dough, roll out enough for one loaf into a large rectangle. Spread it with peanut butter, cinnamon, raisins, sunflower seeds, chia seeds (preferable ground). From the long side, roll it up tightly, then cut 9 or 12 slices. Put them in a 9x9" greased pan, cut side up. Bake at suggested temperature. When finished you can put on a topping -- I don't. My kids liked these.
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