Just got garlic scapes in my CSA basket, have not used them before.

I see numerous recipes for scape pesto here but having tasted one there is no way I can eat these raw. Should I roast them first? Other ideas?

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Raquelita June 18, 2013
I wonder if blanching them briefly would totally ruin their flavor. It's not delicate at first bite, but I find cooking them really mellows them if I'm not careful. Has anyone tried? My food processor is a little old and I think the hard fibers might overwhelm it if I don't soften the scapes before I make pesto.
clintonhillbilly June 3, 2013
I use them in stir-fries instead of garlic bulbs. They're nice with pasta too, diced up as sautéed in olive oil. Also great in pesto.
petitbleu May 30, 2013
I wholeheartedly second the garlic scape pickle! I made a batch last year and should have quadrupled it. Deeeelish! I also love them in frittatas or roasted like asparagus.
em-i-lis May 30, 2013
pickled garlic scapes, a la Marissa McClellan of Food in Jars, are amazing!!!!
I make huge batches of these every year!
Maedl May 30, 2013
I have used them raw in pesto and do not find them too strong--in fact, I thought the pesto was delicious.
Midge May 30, 2013
I was introduced to scapes in my CSA as well and at the suggestion of the farmer, we always brushed them with olive and grilled them. Delicious!
Midge May 30, 2013
*olive oil*
mainecook61 May 29, 2013
I use garlic scapes (usually in a stir-fry) because I have them, but they're an overrated item in my book. Just to be clear, you're doing the grower a favor by relieving him or her of the scapes. They have to be removed so that the garlic plant does not go to seed, thereby drawing energy away from the developing bulb. Charging for scapes, or including them in a CSA share, is an example of brilliant
marketing. Fresh garlic, on the other hand, is a wonderful thing!
klrcon May 29, 2013
Oh, I should probably clarify - though the pesto is raw, I put it on the fillets before I bake them so it's cooked by the time I eat them and pretty mild.
klrcon May 29, 2013
I've been making a simple raw pesto and using that on baked chicken or fish fillets - delicious! I also sub them for scallions all spring and they are delicious sauteed into a simple frittata as well. Good luck and enjoy - I'm kind of jealous as they haven't appeared up here yet.
sexyLAMBCHOPx May 29, 2013
Have you read through this feature? http://food52.com/blog/3975-down-dirty-garlic-scapes If you want to try a pesto, maybe sauté them before blitzing in the food processor. But I would do it raw and see if the taste is better for you.

I love garlic scapes, I use them cut on the bias in salads, and if they are really firm use like skewers for protein on the grill (idea came from RunawaySpoons winning recipe).
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