Good uses for garlic scapes besides pesto?

I bought a few bunches at the co-op and plan on getting more at the farmer's market while they are in season. Any good ideas on other ways to use?



braisinfoodie June 7, 2011
A farmer friend of mine had a surplus this year and I ended up pickling and canning them. Like others have said, I just like to use them all over the place lightly sauteed.

I used this formula:

3 cups vinegar
5 cups water
¼ cup kosher salt

and added a little chili flake because I like things spicy

veggieobsession June 7, 2011
Blanch or saute them, then use like asparagus! They kind of taste like asparagus, but with a hint of yummy garlic flavor. I made a lovely pasta with them the other day - I blanched peas and garlic scapes in the pasta water and tossed them with the pasta and soft goat cheese.
mainecook61 June 7, 2011
The compost heap. At this time of year, better things tempt.
ChefJune June 7, 2011
I like them sauteed with shrimp or scallops. Over pasta, or risotto, or alone.
Midge June 7, 2011
Lucky you! I love them brushed with olive oil and grilled.
nogaga June 7, 2011
These make a delicious springtime risotto, added as you would add any herb, towards the end of the cooking period. they are also a delicious addition to a vegetable broth you can use for making the risotto. Another option is to slip them discretely between the skin and flesh of a chicken; its a subtle, mysterious flavour enhancer. Enjoy your scapes!
fiveandspice June 7, 2011
They're wonderful just sauteed in butter and served as a side or sprinkled on things. You can add them to egg dishes like frittatas. Or, you can make garlic scape soup (sautee, add potatoes, stock, herbs, simmer, blend, add cream...)
Helen's A. June 7, 2011
I was thinking about pickling them using my Dilly Bean pickle recipe, how do you think that would be? I am about to be inundated with them myself...
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