millet flour

does anyone have some wisdom to share for using this? I've tried it in several baking projects, but to no success, results tend to be more crumbly/dry than other flours. Thinking maybe roti would be a better approach? Any recipe ideas?



petitbleu May 30, 2013
Anytime you bake with GF flours, be sure to use a blend--for instance, use a combination of millet flour, rice flour, cornstarch, and potato starch. You need those starches to help the resulting baked goods hold together and prevent graininess. You may even want a smidgen of xanthan gum, which mimics the effects of gluten in wheat flour.
Hilarybee May 30, 2013
I love millet, but I prefer working with the whole grain versus the flour. Millet pearls are great in granola; they add a nice crunchy topping to wholegrain muffin. Millet flour would be best subbed for a crumbly application-like in a shortbread or a tart. I'd recommend reading "Good to the Grain" by Kim Boyce. She advocates using a blend of millet with other whole grain flours-- it really needs support for best results with baking. Kim Boyce has a recipe for Kamut & Millet challah which is to die for and makes exceptionally good french toast.
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