Just for fun...Memory Lane

Can you remember the first time you ever cooked?Were you alone or did you have any help?Was it edible,afterall?



Pegeen June 5, 2013
It was fun, mensaque! Those clever mothers. ;-)
Pegeen June 5, 2013
Re-making "dinner" after we all finished eating, with the scraps. (We didn't actually eat any of it.) We stood on stools at the sink and counter and made soup with dishwater, ketchup, salad dressing... meatloaf with all the food scraps re-packed into a pan, sandwiches out of potato skins stuffed with spurned lima beans and fatty pork chop bits. The more disgusting the combinations, the more fun we had. I think it was my mother's clever way of getting us to scrape the dishes. That and of course helping with the Irish soda bread which had to be made every third day.
mensaque June 5, 2013
That sounds digustingly fun...my mom had a trick up her sleeve too.I just remembered today that once she had me helping her with a cake and the next time she had cake craving she let me do it by myself.Then I became confident enough to try the chocolate mousse recipe on the cocoa powder box just like Susan.I'm so glad I posed this question so that i could dig into these memories...
Susan T. June 5, 2013
I was about 10 or 11 and I made toll house cookies from the recipe on the bag of chocolate chips. It's still a staple in my home (and heart!) I now of course, know the recipe from memory. (44 years later......
mensaque June 4, 2013
I really can't remember my first time in the kitchen...that's why I got curious if any of you did!
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