I love okra but hate the slime. I'm intrigued by this method of "removing the slime". After sauteeing in butter, is the slime no longer noticeable...

...? Oh, if only my mother had known about this!

Recipe question for: Succotash


mensaque June 14, 2013
My mom's okra is great...she's the expert here,and according to her the thing with okra is that you should have them well dried before cooking them and add a dash of lime juice or vinegar,it helps too.
HalfPint June 13, 2013
It seems that all okra needs is a quick fry to keep the slime at bay. The recipe attests to this. Cook it longer and the slime gets activated. http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2012/07/30/156986846/okra-love-the-veggie-lose-the-slime
Lindsay-Jean H. June 13, 2013
I'm sorry you haven't gotten an answer to your question yet lilroseglow. You can always try sending a direct message to thirschfeld too!
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