How far in advance can I make this cake w/o getting soggy!

  • Posted by: Nan
  • June 11, 2013


Nan June 11, 2013
no i never made this before it is a Cook's Illustrated recipe
white cake with strawberry puree added in cake.
If not I'll make it the day of
Thanks so much I love Food 52 for many reasons

ChefJune June 11, 2013
Have you made this recipe before? I agree with Cynthia. I don't think adding strawberry puree to the batter will do anything for the texture of your layers. I'd reserve the strawberry part for the filling and frosting. The cake layers will freeze well for a week ahead of time, but I'd only assemble the cake the day you're planning to serve it.

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boulangere June 11, 2013
I'd avoid adding purée to the batter itself because doing so will change both the liquid content and add an acidic component. Baking the layers well in advance, wrapping them well, then freezing them is always a great idea. As a general rule, cake should be baked 24 hours before you plan to ice and decorate it anyway. It shouldn't be refrigerated until you ice it (soaking the layers with simple syrup, thin slices of strawberries in the middle, then icing it all) because by adding moisture to it, you're guarding against staling. All starches such as baked goods undergo starch retrogradation at temperatures below 40 degrees and above freezing. Starch molecules break down and shed their water molecules, resulting in staling. The moral of the story is that your baked, uniced cake layers are best wrapped and stored either in the freezer or at room temp.
Nan June 11, 2013
great idea, it does have about 1/4 cup strawberry puree in cake batter
Monita June 11, 2013
If the the cake layers are a basic yellow/white cake recipe you can make those in advance. Bake, cool completely and wrap well. They can even be made a week in advance and frozen but best a day-two and refrigerate. But I would assemble the cake the day you want to use it or otherwise it will get soggy
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