Cleaning and maintaining a honed stone counter top.

Does anyone have tips for this? I don't mind the water marks but I feel like my counter tops (1 year old) are really taking a beating and I am somehow not doing my best to maintain them. I use granite spray. Is there a certain brand anyone can recommend to minimize marring and dings?

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jmburns June 12, 2013
Marble is a porous surface and is subject to discoloring and can actually be damaged by acidic foods ie: Citrus juices. They must be wiped up immediately or they can pit and dissolve the marble. I would go back to my fabricator or dealer for their suggestions on a sealer. Since it is honed you probably do not want to enhance the finish with a glossy look, which enhancer does. (Think a wet look). I generally will discourage a home owner from installing marble surfaces except for the baking area and go with granite or solid surface material. But marble does look beautiful but as you are finding out it is a much more maintenance intensive option.

I would go out to the DuPont site and look at their stone care products so you may be prepared when you talk to the Fabricator / installer about options.

Hope this helps.
Faith D. June 12, 2013
I have marble too, and it's nerve-wracking but so worth it. What kind of "marring and dings" are you seeing, exactly? I use a huge cutting board whenever I work with citrus to make sure no citrus juice etches the countertop, and I'm careful to wipe the counters down after cooking. I also just wipe them with a hot wet sponge, and sometimes a little dish soap; I don't use any other sort of cleaner on them.
Summer O. June 12, 2013
Thank you. It is marble.
jmburns June 12, 2013
jmburns June 12, 2013
Stone counter tops can mean many things and the care can be very different. Are they granite or marble? Then you say dings? Do you mean the tops are chipping? Unless they are getting serious abuse they should not chip. I generally use Dupont sealers and enhancers on my granite surfaces. If you have marble they have products specifically for that. Your granite dealer or tile dealer generally will have them in stock.

If you have soapstone counters you should look for a food grade mineral oil to treat them with

Hope this helps. Granite should not chip/ding nor be very absorbant. If it is chipping talk to your installer
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