What brand makes the best Rose Water and Orange blossom Water?

Julieta L.


Jan W. June 27, 2014
I like Mymouné brand - also from Lebanon. They also make rose syrup which is a little thicker for certain applications. http://www.mymoune.com/
QueenSashy June 27, 2014
I think it is not so much about finding the best orange blossom water, but about avoiding the fake ones. Many of the pricey brands labeled as “orange blossom water” are distillates of bitter oranges or orange oils in alcohol and have not seen blossoms at all. Very different flavor. I use Cortas quite a bit. sara diamond, have you had a chance to compare it to Sadaf?
sara D. June 26, 2014
Sadaf is what I use -- both the rose and orange. Commonly available in the United States. Lebanese brand
here is an article on rosewater. http://articles.latimes.com/2002/feb/06/food/fo-rosebar6
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