Favorite roast chicken marinade/rub. Also how long on convection

Noah Truwit


Niknud June 14, 2013
This recipe was originally intended for lamb, but I have found it works equally well on chicken when thrown on the grill. It is one of my favorite marinades. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Grilled-Yogurt-Marinated-Leg-of-Lamb-365691
Slow C. June 13, 2013
My favorite is to marinate the chicken overnight in an herb mixture that has been mixed with olive oil or butter. Rub the chicken, especially under the skin and inside the cavity. I like to use fresh parsley, thyme, small bit of oregano, chervil, savory all chopped fine. Dried herbs de provence works nicely as well. Salt and pepper, too. Convection makes for nice even browning, as a rule of thumb, convection equals an additional 50 degrees of regular oven temps (e.g., 350 convection is like 400 regular). Generally a 4 lb. chicken will take about an hour, but Pierino has it right, it's done when it's done, skin will be golden and crispy and leg/thigh portion will pull away from the body easily. (This marinade is best though if you flatten the chicken and cook it using indirect heat on a grill, even better if you flatten it with a tinfoil covered brick while it slowly bakes)
pierino June 13, 2013
My favorite chicken "rub" is just olive oil, coarse sea salt and black pepper. This will help crisp up the skin. I don't use a convection oven so I can't be much help there. I still work on the principle "it's done when it's done." "Done" measured by a probe thermometer poked into a meaty section away from the bone--- 160f for poultry.
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