Roasting Chicken in Greek Yogurt Marinade

I've been marinating chicken thighs in a Greek yogurt marinade today and I was wondering whether it would be best to roast the chicken with the marinade (and end up with a sauce to serve with the chicken) or to remove the chicken from the marinade and roast. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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Susan W. December 14, 2014
I would probably bake the chicken without the marinade. I think the yogurt on the chicken will be enough yogurt.
A P. December 14, 2014
Susan W you were exactly right! I didn't need anything else with the chicken. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it.
Susan W. December 14, 2014
It sounds really good. I think it will be my next chicken dish.
Sam1148 December 14, 2014
I do that often. Using Skinless Chicken thighs.
With a couple of a types of yogurt marinade.
- Yogurt, Garlic, Lemon, Oragano
This I give a shake and bake with seasoned bread crumbs or cornflakes
- Yogurt, Tandori paste, garlic.
This gets blasted really high heat.
- Yogurt, Curry Powder...extra tumeric and paprika (cinnamon and ginger)
This gets high treatment too.

The yogurt protects the chicken and bakes on nicely.

As for the sauce. I never bother with a sauce for these. But you could make a tazakazi sauce with cucumbers, garlic, yogurt.
Or just make a simple cucumber salad with yogurt and a touch of curry powder, salt and pepper. (maybe some finely crushed garlic).

Although from the question, I'm thinking your marinade is rather thin and liquid like, can you explain? Because the marinade would be needed to be heated....and the yogurt in a thin marinade with acid would curdle when heated.
A P. December 14, 2014
Sam1148 I used Greek yogurt, saffron, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and salt. I ended up roasting it without the marinade and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it!
QueenSashy December 14, 2014
Actually, I would roast without yogurt, (unless it is very fatty yogurt). It might release too much water and you might end up cooking the chicken instead of roasting it.
A P. December 14, 2014
Thank you QueenSashy, this is what I did! I needed a reason why not to cook in the yogurt and you gave me it. It turned out great!
bigpan December 14, 2014
I would roast with the yogurt and make sure you cook to the right temperature (use an instant read thermometer).
A P. December 14, 2014
Thank you bigpan!
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