How do you roast a chicken in a convection oven?

I'm interested in timing and temperature.

  • Posted by: fms
  • January 9, 2012


suze_q January 10, 2012
If you are going to follow a recipe that the ovente
temp is set for a standard oven lower the temp
by 25•. My convection will automatically do
that. Use a instant read thermometer if unsure when done or when the juices run clear.
cranberry January 9, 2012
I have a Wolf convection oven and I do a chicken at 375 convection roast for about an hour, depending on the size of the chicken - but that is for one about 5 pounds. When it can "shake hands" ie the leg joint is loosened, and it smells done, it usually is done. Chicken browns very nicely at this setting in my oven, and it is really really good.
Sam1148 January 9, 2012
Just use a standard recipe. Most so called "convection ovens" aren't really hard core type convention..just a fan that stirs the air. So there's very little adjustment. for those appliances. Use a temp probe for the chicken...and if you have a convection 'roast' setting use that to start the roasting, for just a few mins..that setting is basically broil with circulation. Then switch to convection bake. Don't walk when the broiler/convention is's basically a 5 min crisping..then lower the heat switch to bake.

Above all..if you use temp probe...don't depend on the guidelines. Go shy on those..and remove before temp is reached to rest as carry-over time will bring it up to the 'zone'.
(IMHO...most of the guidelines for temp result in very dry chicken....especially if you keep the bird in the oven to reach guideline temp...a short resting 5-8 degrees shy of the specs brings it up to spec on the interior with out drying it out).
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