Last year, my pumpkin cheesecake had little white flecks of un-blended cream cheese in it. This year, I left the cream cheese on the counter for 4 hours before blending, beat it smooth in the stand mixer before adding other ingredients, and blended it thoroughly before adding the eggs. It still has the white flecks! Is there a technique I can use to avoid this?

  • Posted by: AmyEvans
  • November 25, 2010


campagnes November 25, 2010
Does your recipe call for granulated sugar? I find that creaming the sugar gently with the cream cheese for awhile (maybe 2 minutes) and frequently scraping the bottom of the bowl helps the cream cheese soften before adding other ingredients. Also, if you haven't already, be sure your ingredients are all at room temperature to ensure a smooth, blended texture.

And if all else fails, you might try a different cream cheese. I've never tried Trader Joe's brand - there isn't one near me, and I SO wish there were!! :)
AmyEvans November 25, 2010
Thanks for the advice! I am using Trader Joe's full-fat cream cheese, but I checked the box and there *are* stabilizers (carob bean and/or guar gums). Next time, I'll look for cream cheese without the stabilizers. And yes, the taste doesn't suffer!
drbabs November 25, 2010
What kind of cream cheese are you using? Some cream cheese has a lot of stabilizers which are designed to help the cream cheese keep its shape (and possibly reducing fat? Are you using low fat cream cheese?). That could be why you're having difficulty making it all blend. If that's the case, in the future, look for full fat cream cheese without stabilizers. And don't worry--I'm sure the cheesecake tastes delicious.
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