Can I make brasciole out of brined pork shoulder or would it be too salty or difficult to work with?

I'm thinking about making a grilled pork brasciole recipe from Mario Batali that calls for thinly sliced and pounded pork shoulder stuffed with salami, orange, mint, breadcrumbs, and Romano cheese. These rolls are grilled over direct then indirect heat. My fear is that the pork will dry out before it's cooked through. Do you think I could brine the pork before I slice it and pound it to introduce some moisture or would the pork either be too salty or too difficult to roll? Or maybe I could make a pan sauce? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.



dazeyduke June 17, 2013
Yes, I was a little concerned about the cut but that's what the recipe called for. I'm open to other suggestions.
MikeK June 17, 2013
I think your choice of cuts may make it a difficult dish to pull off. Shoulder definitely benefits from longer cook times. As far as the brine, just keep your salt level under 7%... (or add some honey, brown sugar, etc)
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