Brining pork loin and marinating

Hi, I made this with pork shoulder as a test for a dinner party I’ll be having in a couple of weeks, and its just way too much fat - my guests will definitely want a leaner cut of meat. So, I was thinking I could brine a pork loin (3-4 pound) for a day, rinse etc.... then do a two cut butterfly and roll up the spice mixture (without any added salt) inside the pork, tie it up and let it marinate for another day..... is it okay to brine and then marinate for a day? Thanks!!!!

  • Posted by: Crj
  • July 6, 2019


Smaug July 7, 2019
I haven't tried it, but sounds like a great plan to me. Personally, I find pork shoulder too fatty for any purpose whatever but it's not a popular opinion.
Crj July 7, 2019
Thanks Smaug,
Right, shoulder is quite fatty and certainly too fatty for my guests, so that’s why I’m thinking of trying it with loin. So, it’s sounds like it’s okay to brine and then marinate as described above....
Smaug July 7, 2019
As I say it's a bit out of my experience, and one hopes someone who's tried it chimes in, but I don't see any problem- a wet marinade might be more problematic.
Crj July 6, 2019
More details- pork shoulder al’diavolo was the original recipe....
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