buttermilk in smoothies?

I just got a blender (yay!) and want to make smoothies, so I've plundered a lot of recipes from this site to try. Those that call for milk seem to reference either plain cow's milk or almond milk. Is there any reason I couldn't use buttermilk instead, assuming that's a flavor that goes well with the fruit or other ingredients in a recipe? Or does buttermilk not play nicely with blenders?

Diana B
  • Posted by: Diana B
  • June 17, 2013


Diana B. June 20, 2013
Powered up the brand-new Breville blender. Well, tried to - darn thing won't even turn on, let alone make me a smoothie! Back to the stick blender until the new one arrives...sigh.
Diana B. June 18, 2013
Maedl, I bet it's real buttermilk, too, not just cultured! Color me envious...
Midge June 18, 2013
@Maedl, I bet that buttermilk is especially delicious. I feel like hopping on plane to Bavaria!
Maedl June 18, 2013
Diana, I think buttermilk is more popular in Germany than it is in the US. I live in Bavaria, in the mountains. The dairy cattle go up to the high mountain pastures in the spring and spend the summer grazing on the grasses and flowers in the meadows. The herders often operate a little restaurant for hikers--mostly simple, but delectable, fare such as cheeses, sausages, and breads. Beer, of course, is brought up to slake thirsts, but the more local drink is buttermilk. Every Alm (meadow) restaurant worth its salt serves buttermilk in half liter ceramic glasses and even I, a confirmed Weizen lover, will choose buttermilk when I am hiking. As I write this, I am hearing cow bells on the mountain side. The sound carries a long way!
EmilyC June 18, 2013
I tested this smoothie awhile back and really liked it! http://food52.com/recipes/13086-good-morning-raspberry-smoothie
boulangere June 18, 2013
Funny you should ask . . . I've been thinking thoughts of buttermilk lately, as well. As we speak, I've got a batch of yogurt brewing to which I added 25% buttermilk. I use yogurt in smoothies, and thought it might be an interesting twist. Details to follow.
Diana B. June 18, 2013
Thanks, y'all - I'm adding it to my grocery list now! Maedl, can you really get buttermilk in Germany?
IlovePhilly June 18, 2013
I second Maedl! You'll love it!
Maedl June 18, 2013
Buttermilk works just fine--that is my usual choice. You can also use plain yogurt. They both add a pleasant heft to the drink. I haven’t found any flavor that the buttermilk doesn’t work well with.
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