Cooking & Baking With Dairy-Free Milks?

I am trying to switch to a dairy-free lifestyle but I cook and bake often and a lot of my recipes contain milk (cow's milk). What is the best milk substitute for savory cooking? Some people have told me that Almond milk works well for baking but I don't think that it's thick enough for pie filling. I plan on making the milks myself so should I add cashews to thicken the almond milk?

Michaela-Jean Waters


Dana February 12, 2020
I often use full fat coconut milk for both savory and sweets.
louisez January 31, 2020
I usually use almond milk for baking as well as savory cooking. What sort of pie filling are you referring to?
Stephanie G. January 30, 2020
There is a brand of almond milk ....Elmhurst I think is the brand. It is pricey but it is thick like cow's milk.
Emma L. January 30, 2020
Hi Michaela-Jean! I love using a homemade cashew cream in dairy-free savory recipes. Here's a recipe: To make it thicker, just start out with less water, then add more to sight.
Michaela-Jean W. January 30, 2020
Thank you!
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