ice cream

Is their a way to make ice cream with no eggs and no dairy in it ?



drbabs June 19, 2013
I posted this a couple of years ago:
ChefJune June 18, 2013
No, you can't make ice cream without dairy products. But you CAN make some very tasty frozen desserts that will give you a similar mouthfeel to ice cream. Several really good ideas are already in this thread.
pierino June 18, 2013
I agree with ChefJune. Ice cream is an egg and dairy based custard. You can try to replicate it (God knows why) but it's no longer ice cream. If you are happy with the outcome as a dessert, then lucky you. Same Devil's Bargain with "frozen yogurt".
mensaque June 18, 2013
Theres a recipe with frozen bananas here at Food52 from Genius Recipes...Cut the bananas in small pieces,then you let them thaw a bit and blend in the food processor till the texture is right.You can add chocolate or nuts or some other fruits to make other flavours.You have to do this at serving time,but there will be no waste cause you can freeze and blend it again.
HalfPint June 18, 2013
yes. there's no-churn coconut milk ice cream that's vegan,

And one using bananas,
ZombieCupcake June 18, 2013 here are 2 ways you can make it
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